Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Discover Dogs

Tonight Chi has been getting ready for his Discover Dogs debut. We received an invitation to participate in an agility demonstation at The Kennel Clubs Discover Dogs to be held at Earls Court, London this weekend, and naturally accepted. I'm really looking forward to enjoying the day. Gran'ma has volunteered to groom - good ole Gran'ma!

Here he is bathing.....

Shampoo & set plse? ROFLOL! (Roll on floor laugh out loud). I prob bath Chi about 4 or 5 times a year and try and groom him weekly. Lots of people ask me if he is high maintanance but if i am diligent he takes an hour a week. I always like to 'foof' him up before a special show and he seems to enjoy being groomed.

No discerning dog owner (especially a Sheltie owner) should be with out a high powered hair dryer. When Chi was a puppy, the 1st time i washed him Bernadette let me borrow her hair dryer - we haven't looked back and purchased ours at crufts asap! A high powered hair dryer removes all the dead under coat and enables you to see right down to the skin and between the toes. This is invaluable when you have dogs with long or short coats that enjoy country walks since it enables you to see if there are any embedded grass seeds. The result of high power hair drying is spectacular - as you will see when i post Chi at Discover Dogs!

Well the finished result (a fully foofed up Chi) will be on display on Saturday at Earls court. Bernadette has taken her grooming responsibilities very seriously and already trimmed Chi's ears - I'm still a big L on the ears, feet no problem, ears, still learning.


Hudsondoglets said...

Cannot wait to see a fully fuffed Chi. Like you, I still have my L plates on where ears are concerned. Feet ... fine; Ears ..... er, no dunno what I'm doing!

Very best of luck for Discover Dogs and hope you have a wonderful time.

Lian said...

Can't believe Chi looks so tiny when he is wet as he always looks so fluffy to me.

How did you get him to stand still for the blow dry? Sing will chase and bite the blower everytime I turn it on, the others are worst, run away!!

Good luck at Discover Dogs, will be seeing you there, cheering for you!

Karen said...

awwwww he looks so cute ! mmm I wont touch Todds ears again after the last time! Grandma had to bail me out lol lol

Louise and Smudge said...

What a stunner. He is going to look so handsome!!! As usual!!

Don't get me started on the idea what I'm doing. Smudges look wild at the best of times!

Good luck and have a great time at Discover Dogs. I am sure you will be fab. Enjoy!!!

Johanna said...

Good luck at DD!!! We will be cheering you along all the way from Denmark :o)
Johanna & Chi's extended family in Denmark!!!