Thursday, 29 November 2007

Dick White Referrals

We set of for our specialist appointment at 2:30pm. The journey was s'pose to take 2hours 35 mins - it took us 5 hours because of an accident on the M25 that involved ppl having to be air ambulanced off the motorway! Fortunately Gran'ma OBay is a brilliant map reader and found us a way around the blockage. Having decided that we would divert at the next exit i put on my hazzard lights and cruzed along the hard shoulder - i sooooo did not want to miss this very important consultation.

Unfortunately, with the exit only a few yards away, we came to another grinding hault - there was a truck in the way, straddling the lane and the hard shoulder. Bernadette got out of the car to ask the lorry driver to let us pass (this was, after all, an emergancy!)i phoned the clinic to let them know we were going to be late. Fortunately the traffic moved, the lorry was able to get into the hard shoulder and pull away, and the clinic told us not to worry just keep calling them every hour to let them know our progress - i could hardly beleive my ears, they didn't turn us away, didn't say sorry we have to re arrange your appointment, brilliant news!
At one stage it took 45 mins to get round a roundabout!!! And when we finally arrived at 7pm we were welcomed by the lovely receptionist, warmly greeted by the intern who took a history & relevant details and still had a consultation with Mr White!

The up shot is Chi will have a lymph node apirated tomorrow to check for signs of cancer, a chest x - ray & abdominal ultrasound scan to check for any metastisis and further surgery to ensure that there are good clear margins around the original site of the lump. The clinic will call tomorrow to let us know how he is and hopefully give us an idea when he can be collected.

Keep the prayers & positive thoughts coming ppl - they are very much needed over the next 48 hours and very much appreciated. Thank you very very much to all you well wishers your kind words & deeds are very suppportive.


Louise and Smudge said...

You must be so worried, I can only imagine. Stay strong for him, I am sure he will be fine. I hope everything goes really smoothly and that the results are good.

Everyone in Jersey who knows you is hoping and praying for you both. Sending you every positive wish we can possibly manage!!

I hope his time at the clinic is short and comfortable and that he is home and well soon. Get well soon Chi!!! XX

Louise and Smudge

Lorna said...

Firstly what a terible journey :(

They do sound like lovely people though so thats brill and with such expertise Chi sounds to be in the best possible place.

Sending a zillion positive thoughts for Chi and hugs to you both.

Lorna xxXXxx

Hudsondoglets said...

Praying for Chi and you.

Our thoughts are constantly with you.

Nancy & Andy

Lian said...

We are parying for Chi's fully, speedy recovery. Lots of cuddles for the special boy. Our thoughts are with you through the journey. Take care.

Lian, Colin and the boys xxx

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

So sorry to hear about Chi and will be thinking about him all the time until we get some good news.