Sunday, 30 March 2008

Training with Lesley Olden

Bernadette & I went training at Lesley Olden's the other day. We worked on the following. I'll post the course and then sequences using numbers coz everyone seems to have different names for different manouvers.

To warm up we did 9,4,5,3,6 then 9,4,5,3,9

We also did the dog walk, cloth tunnel weaves. The options are endless........

But the main event was:-1,2,3,4
1,2,round the back of 3, 4

We spent quite some time on this. Both our dogs were physically but especially mentally tired after this session and i certainly came away feeling that i'd sussed the different 'Q's' for each sequence - now just to practice, practice, practice............

Unfortunately we didn't take a video camera between us but hey! Half the fun will be sussing out how it can be done eh! :)

We have the try outs for the European Open team in 2 weeks. Needless to say we're hopeing to do well. Hopefully the loverly judge will be setting European style courses - our fav :)

Monday, 24 March 2008

Easter Celebration Camping

Snow agility!

Griz didn't bat an eye lid doing this out door jumping course - well not at the snow, she sniffed approaching friends on the wind then continued on the course.

Sat evening there was a snow storm luckily we have appropriate equipment & normally 4furry hotwater bottles!!! Billy was lent out to Tim & Marion for the night. Lucky Truly got to go stay at the OBay residence - camping really isn't her style at all!! So we had Griz & Chi to keep us warm. I had to put the equafleece on Chi over night and he loves the cold!

Our friend & fellow hard core camper Tim cooking up a very tasty bolognaise.

Friday, 14 March 2008

Front Page!

Imagine wot it feels like to walk into your local supermarket & see yourself, dog & girlie friend staring back at you! Well that's just wot happened to Bernadette & I yesturday.........

West Sussex Gazette

Please note we even have our Burns tops on, the logo can clearly be seen in the newspaper!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Puppy Sitting

OMG! It is hell on earth for a doggie enthusiast to be stuck at home while freinds & family are running at Crufts. No more breeding allowed if it's gonna clash with any major event plse Gran'ma!!

On the other hand it is something very special to be with day old pups. I've been using my nursing skills to monitor Zen & her pups today - nothing like a bit of hands on care :)

Zen wasn't very keen on my taking photo's she nudged the camera away with her nose and gave me a filthy look so i only took these then stopped.

Attentive Mum Zen with a bundle of pups under there somwhere............

The new batch of OBay's from left to right, Fat Head, Kelly Homes, Paula Radcliff & my fav at the moment Linford Christie.

Like many of their relatives including Uncle Chi & Granddaddy Monty this little OBay demonstrates the family sleeping upside down trait. You know you've got a genuine OBay if your puppy does this!!! LOL

I s'pect there's loads more news on the OBay site with regular updates. I'm off back to work tomorrow and will miss them dreadfully. Hopefully my next major input will be taking them with me to work to do some socialisation.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crufts 2008

Gran'ma had cakes made for us all to share. Johanna had Danish flag cakes & we also had ESSC Tristar cakes - they all got eaten before i could take a pic!

Chi meets Wallace outside crufts

The ESSC team set up. We looked gr8 in our specially designed T shirts, very smart. Hopefully Lian will post out team runs so check out The Knights Shelties blog. We all had a gr8 day with all dogs performing brilliantly in the conditions.

Below the highlight of our day - winning the Crufts Singles. Chi was awesome, i couldn',t have asked for more and get tear pricked eyes every time i think about it! He had the fastest itme of ALL the dogs competing over the saem course with a time of 32.6 seconds! If he continues to perform like this we will have a fantastic season so fingers crossed.

It was such a buzz winning & knowing that so many people will be sharing our success, especially my Mum & Dad, Lesley Olden who we train with, friends who were present or supporting from home and ofcourse Gran'ma who had to stay home to look after sister Zen who is about to drop puppies.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Haka

For some time now i have had a version of The Haka on my ipod as one of my motivational tracks for agility. For those of you who are not familiar with it here is a link to quite a good explanation on You Tube. Those of you who watch rugby will know what it is but may gain interesting insight into the meaning of The Haka by watching the clip

P'haps we should have an OBay Haka for Crufts & the start of the season :)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Gottle of Geer!

Those crazy Danes think of everything & isn't this a gr8 idea, personalized beer! Johanna bought Zen some puppy milk boosting beer :) Try saying that after a few bottles.

"I'll get right too it and start drinking the puppy milk elixia straight away" What a consciensious Mum.........

Me tippsy no way!