Sunday, 1 June 2008

O so very close!

Hinckley Champ Show - 1stly Gratz to 'sister' Hex she is now a Champ! Well done gals :) Gratz also to Roger the intrepid Dutch man & our team mate at last years International Sheltie Championship, who won into grade 7.

Chi was on top form - I had a bad attitude problem, probably brought on by having to get up at 5am, drive 130 odd miles and not win MY ticket!!!! :) It's coming our way very soon I can see it it bright neon lights - Chi, Obay Truly Focused Champion Certificate.

We continue to get as much training, massaging & focusing in as we can in preparation for the European Open. The full time job's getting in the way tho :(

P'haps when sister Zennie does her prayers she coudl ask for a lottery win for her brother