Monday, 6 July 2009

Surrey DTC 05.07.09

Gratz to the dynamic duo again - 2nd prize in the 5 - 7 Agility and some nifty maneuvers in the other classes.
Here they are in full swing........

Sorry for putting you off Fred! :)

But the entourage insisted on coming to support you & Chi.

Very impressive manouvers over the 1st 5 jumps in this run. A 'professionally' executed grade 7 manouver! You'll be trying out for Olympia next then :)

UKA Finals 28th June

Chi & I came 3rd in the UKA Finals. A very pleasing result especially considering we haven't done any practice since last summer. Must confess to feeling a bit nervous but so please that we haven't lost our connection & that the run looks so smooth.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Chi & Fred do Eastbourne

Some how a start line set up just doesn't seem the same without the barking but I must say I'm most impressed with the silence Fred obtained before she releases Chi from the start line on this 1st run.

They do look quite 'the team' on this Helta Skelta course, note the tunnel maneuver & the local traffic appreciation for good handling! :)

A very well earned 4th - Gratz!!

The 2nd video is the jumping run. Hum.... not such a good start line but a gr8 standing your ground to get him over that jump Fred. Another very smooth run.

More smooth action from 'the team' in this last video check out those lovely contacts, Chi goes right to the bottom of them. Is this a new trend running start line, running contacts? ROFLOL!

Big thanks to Dickie for the camera work xxx