Friday, 29 December 2006

Who's the Daddy!!

By popular request Chi is proud to announce that on 19th Dec the fruit of his loins came forth into this world!

The 'Fat Boy' arrived.

Fortunately 'Fat Boy' is a type of Harley Davidson so isn't as derogatory as it seems (his human Grandad has a perchance for Harley's).

He seems like a very happy chappy note how his smile seems almost as wide as his cuddly sheep's

Taking the blogger plunge

I have finally succumbed to the blog set. I thought it only right and proper to participate in educating the world on the brilliance of Obay Shelties! (Naturally owning such a creature makes me horrendously bias!)

This blog spot shall mainly be dedicated to Chi's agility season for 2007. So that gets me off posting anything for a while since our 1st show will be in March!