Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Supadog Day - The Sunny One!

Well they say the sun shines on the righteous and it did today - there is a God! After reading and hearing all about the effects of the abismal weather we were very greatfull for the sunshine.
Although we didn't qualify for the finals - BOO HOO! we had a gr8 day Chi did some cracking manovers and I got to handle Zen - if only I'd not thrown up my opposite arm b 4 the tunnel! We came 4th and with that bad handling too - imagine wot we would have done......... I'd rather not have any of those 'if only' moments.

An added bonus Granma was there with her camera and she kindly taped us running. So watch this space for a film - at last!

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Rabbit Murder & Agility!

On our way up to Nottingham last night we stopped off at the services where True added rabbit to her murdering repertoire! I had my camera with me but have deemed the photo's too gruesome to publish (I carry it most places i go now with the intention of getting some good shots for the blog! - how sad am i). Most people who meet True see her as a very sweet natured, rag dolly kinda gal but occasionally the dark side comes out - aaaaah now we know where little Hex gets it from!!!

Aside from that gruesome piece of news Chi came 2nd in the power and speed today, a cracking run with perfect contacts, such a shame i didn't get it on film :(

Next week Supadogs. Bernadette & i are going together on Tues so fingers crossed we may be able to do some filming, seems like ages since i posted a run.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Weekend at Home

No agility this weekend instead we had a relaxing weekend at home.
Sunday morning we participated in the Galen Therapy practical sesions and Chi really enjoyed his massage.

Instead of going for Chi's monster name i decided to look for his sexy name decoder name, here it is:-

Charming Handsome Individual

Get Your Sexy Name

Well need i say more!! I know there's at least a couple of you out there who will totally agree with this sexy name :) He is after all the most handsomest Sheltie in the world and such a gentleman to boot, *swoon, i do love my fluffie munchkin :)

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tunbridge Wells

Today Chi qualified for the medium dog Olympia semi's and gained 8 points towards the Crufts singles. I am so proud of my boy :)
It was really nice to have people come up and congratulate us on our gr8 runs today. It felt good and made all the hard work extra worth while. Thank you for your support blog fans!

P.S Plse scroll down for the newly posted Jersey Agility Festival slide show :)

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Beacon & Superdog Q!

Again no photo's or video of todays achievements - sorry blog fans! (for those of you who remember Roland Rat this should be said in the same way as 'rat fans'!) Though i would never tire of taking picies of Chi and his prizes it doesn't exactly make for exciting viewing, and since there seems to be alot of you blog fans out there I'd like to maintain the high standards of entertainment :)

Chi has qualified for the Superdog finals at the beginning of Oct - WOOT!
He also gained 1st in medium jumping and 2nd, only to Toni Dawkins, in the Champ agility. A very pleasing day and well worth getting up at 4:30am.

Big Gratz go to Toni Dawkins for winning the ticket and Angela Sallis for reserve in the mediums but special big grats to Cliff Truluck for getting the reseve in small champ, Wendly Fairlamb getting the ticket.

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Home from the JAF

We arrived home at 3:26am very tired. The journey home wasn't too bad with a little swell in the water around Guernsey, enough to make the sky line completely disappear as we looked out of the back of the boat from our seats, and some people want to clutch the sink in the ladies!

What a fantastic time we had with up to 8 runs per day the massage I had on Saturday at Les Roche was extremely beneficial in easing my tightening muscles. I'm very good at warming up my dogs with the techniques taught to me by Julia from Galen Therapy (see links) but often forget to do myself!

Here is a little montage of photo's mainly taken by Tony of our trip. Although we were very successfull in the run up to the finals a slip off the dog walk cost us the large teddy prize! Boo hoo! I really wanted to put Blondies 'The Tide is High' to this montage but unfortunately cleaver old Blondie have it copyright protected. The words are brill eg 'i'm gonna be your number one' & 'i'm not the kinda girl to give up just like that' This song will defo feature on this seasons motivational CD to be played on the way to & from agility shows. There was an article in The Times last year about how top athletes use music for motivation - interesting reading.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Jersey Agility Festival (JAF)

Today was the first day of the Jersey Agility festival, expertly organised by Sally Rees and her son Andre, with invaluable help from Tony Griffin and many others (I'm sorry I don't know who you all are but what I do know is the show wouldn't happen with out you). The profit from this show goes to support Jersey Hospice Care, which, my father in law informs me, costs in the region of £5000 to run each day.

Chi did extremely well today, winning three first prizes! I am so proud that he is running true to good form. Here he is with his winnings! What brillinat prizes.

Thanks to my nephew Jake for letting me comondeer his lap top to bring you this update. More to be published on our return to the UK next week.