Monday, 30 April 2007

Ha - P B'day! (Edited version)

Today Chi and his litter mates are 4 years old.

Ha - p b'day 2 U! Ha - p b'day 2 U! Ha - p b'day dear Chi, Zen, Lucky, Timmy, Bailey & Unique. Ha - p b'day 2 U!

It only seems like a few months ago that they were all born - the 1st UK Obay litter - The UK Obay Originals!
Everyone else seems to have done a montage so here's one to celebrate Chi on his b'day.

Sunday, 29 April 2007

ESSC - Sheltie Agility

One of the highlights of the year for Chi is attending the ESSC (English Shetland Sheepdog Club) agility show. Nothing but shelties - everywhere, fantastic!
Here is a little montage of our day.

Don't be miss lead by the sedate music the place was howling! We started the day by packing cucumber sandwiches & thermos of T - well it is the English Sheltie club after all, decorum est and all that! Grandma (!) & Grandpa (!) came to pic us up and we traveled in style with Auntie Pax, sister Zen and that little wicked one Hex.
Purchasing socks was no problem and fitted rather well on Chi really.......
There were lots of fellow Sheltie lovers there unfortunately some of the photo's are a little dark - sorry Lian, you had a gr8 time in the circular knockout tho didn't you? See for more of the fun Lian had today.
Chi managed to chat up some girlies, win prizes - including a bag of food and enjoy a very enjoyable day. He was so tired on the way home.
Wild horses (Olympia, Crufts or World Champ qualies) couldn't drag me away from this show it is so special.
Thanks to Becky Parks et al who organise & put it together so well.

Friday, 27 April 2007

Toni Dawkins Training afternoon

This afternoon we had a really good training session at Sue's with Toni Dawkins. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos again - will have to do better with the Sheltie show & Jersey festival coming up.
We learnt more about handling turns, although in the Easter celebration video Chi demonstrates how well he can read my body language with the types of turn Toni teaches so we were well on the way to grasping the concept.
I took my homework book with me - something Kathryn Tasker encouraged us to use. By writing the 'urika' moments in my book I can remind myself of them and encorporate them into my handling this coupled with Chi's inate brilliance will surely lead to more & more gr8 success.

Sunday, 22 April 2007

It's not wot U's the way that U do it!

This music has been burning a hole in my ear drums for ages! So it had to accompany some training clips. The words are very significant...... 'take it easy then your jive will swing' and that's just what Chi and I have been doing this season with gr8 results so far :)

We were inspired to do these jumping excersises after attending the PACE training day. Chi shows gr8 rhythm and jumping skill.

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Susan Garrett Seminar

Today Bernadette & I attended a Susan Garrett seminar. Susan is a very inspirational speaker, humourous animation & entertaining analigies mean very interesting listening. It was a long day but well worth it. Arriving back home I set up my doggie crates ready for their reminder of some 'ruff love' & crate games.
Susan signed my copy of Shaping Success. Unfortunately we forgot to take any photos. Check out Susan's web site -

Monday, 16 April 2007

Wot a UKA!

This weekend we went to Just Mini's UKA show - it wans't just mini's, but all jump heights. Chi performed very well gaining almost all of the points he needs to progress into the Champ class and join his sister Zen - who has just obtained her Win CAP. GRATZ!
Despite being in different classes we still managed an Obay Sheltie sweep by winning the Royal Canine agility heat - again:). Fortunately we did not prevent anyone else from qualifying.
We added some glass tumblers to our collection and a large bag of food for everyone to share, well not us humans ofcourse!
Roll on the Finals in June.

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Ha - P Easter!

Over Easter we attended the Easter Celebration show at Ardingly. We went with the intention of having some fun and implimenting the techniques we have been honing in training. We came home with 3rd 8th & 5th which was very pleasing especially since this time last year we were no where near as successful.

Here are a couple of clips that our friends Tim & Marion captured for us and Granpa Dennis comitted to DVD for us to publish here for our pleasure to watch :)


Unfortunately I have not been able to remove the audio on these film clips - but you know it's quite nice hearing Zen, Billy, Grandma & friends cheer us on......

Check out the family footage on the Obay blog, with choice music to boot!

Sunday, 1 April 2007

Chi's no April Fool!

Today was Downland a really enjoyable show especially since we had a lie in - 7:30am, arrived home in time for lunch and got to watch Pete van Dongan run Chi, very well! Here is the evidence of what a good job this 'on the day' team managed to produce.

Invaluable Training Methods

One of the most invaluable methods of training that Chi has undertaken to date is the studying of Greg Derrett's training video's. Here he is absorbing the details of how to acheive a good 'snake' manoeuvre.