Monday, 14 February 2011

A Day at the Pool

Our friend Hektor the Vitali Vizla was 1 year old this week and to celebrate his Mum arrange for his doggie mates to go swimming at the best doggie pool on Vancouver Island (in our humble opinion anyways) designed, but no longer owned by, Hekkie's Dad!

Chi took his canoeing boyancy aid and after 3 goes shed it to go solo! Still not his most natural pastime but he had quite a good time. Our new dog Tigger took to the pool for the first time and also shed his boyancy aid after a couple of goes to swim solo, which was awesome as his back end isn't good and the swimming will so help him gain the muscle support he needs back there.......

And as for our Truly True, well she didn't swim but is just as pooped after a long day of receiving lots of love and attention from human guests in attendance.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Home Made House Sign

Today we hung our new house number sign at the end of our drive. It was carefully made from a piece of wood cut from a tree on our property. I really like the paws as it looks like our big dog Tigger has jumped up on the sign and left his mark!