Wednesday, 31 October 2007

International Sheltie Show

Bettange-Sur-Mess, near Luxembourg City 28th & 29th October.

See the OBay blog for the nitty gritty trip details - Bernadette does a good report.

Here's Chi running the courses - not perfect but very pleasing, he ran so fast, did his contacts so well and stayed on the start line much better than he was doing at the end of the season. The courses were excellant, we really enjoyed the flowing handlie style.

Next year the Internationl Sheltie Agility Championship will be held in the Eifel region of Germany. A very pretty area and not too difficult to get to. I'm hopeing to encourage some other Sheltie owners to come along (Lian!)- it's just like our ESSC show but on steroids!! Ha! Ha!

Here is a little montague of our trip. Luxembourg is a very clean city partly due to the fact that they give the pigeons 'the pill' to stop them reproducing - brilliant idea, i'm not keen on those sky rats! Luxembourg use to be know as the Spanish Netherlands and has been swapped and chopped and changed many times between France & Germany aswell. Then in 1818 they were given independance. As we walked around we bagan to see the Spanish influencs and hear the seemingly mish mash language of French & German - Luxembourgian. People would greet each other in French and ask 'how are you' in German - so we followed suit and spoke French in the resturants and the odd bit of German but no where near as well as the locals spoke English......

It was gr8 to meet up with our Dutch friends Han & Adele, and Roger (honouray Brit) who organised our entries and came up with the brilliant team name of LIBERO! Really looking forward to seeing you all again next year.

Next big event is Discover Dogs in 2 weeks. Granma Bay will be grooming for us :) In the mean time it's back to some basics for Chi & I, jumping grids for a start!
Gran'ma said she'd whoop us into shape - we love you gran'ma xx


Karen said...

Looks like you had the best time, and Luxembourg is now on my wanna go to list ! Chi and you worked really well such a shame about that BAD pole :0))

Lian said...

Chi has some great runs! I like the handlie courses, very challenging and you did so well.

If I can sort out Saturn's contacts, I would love to join you all next year! Maybe I should start practising driving on the left as well as training Saturn's contacts? LOL

Hudsondoglets said...

Some brilliant stuff and a stunning weave entry in one of the rounds. As Karen says, what a shame about the bad wicked pole(s).

Get them out of the way before Discover Dogs eh?

Hooch and troops said...

I can see where Todd gets his good looks from! soo handsome....the courses look great and i especially liked the music!

Roger said...

Truly Amazing stuff you and Chi do together! lol he always looks soo eager to get started everytime ^^

And the best part is you Both look like you have Great fun doing it !

Cannot wait till I get over to GB and see you both in Action for my self !