Friday, 23 November 2007


On Wed 14th Nov Chi had a very hard lump removed from his neck. We are so lucky that this lump was detected so early by a Galen Therapy student the Sunday after Discover Dogs. It wasn't palpable on the Wed before Discover Dogs when i bathed Chi.

It has turned out to be a fibrosarcoma, which my medical dictionary defines as 'an uncommon malignant tumour of the cells that form fibrous tissue. These cells can be found in any part of the body. Radical surgery is necessary'.

We have an appointment with Dick White, a highly revered soft tissue surgeon, next Thursday afternoon. Gran'ma OBay will be coming with us to the specialist to help us ask the right questions and provide much needed suport.

Chi is fine and his wound is healing quite nicely. He will have stitches out on Monday. I'm giving him Reiki everyday and my Mum is doing some distance healing.

It is very unusual to find such cancerous growths in a young dog (Chi is only 4yrs 7 months). Hardly a day goes by without me crying at the moment, (ridiculous but i know you other doggie ppl will understand) and i feel flat & numb.
I'm a gr8 believer that something good always comes out of something bad and so far i've really come to fully appreciate how much this special little dog means to me on so many different levels.

O Lord! i am so lucky to have been able to enjoy so much with Chi so far, plse don't take him from us just yet, plse give us the strength to get through what ever may come our way and most of all don't let him suffer anything nasty or unpleasant. Amen

Thank you to all those people who have already sent good wishes and especially to my husband Tony who has been a real brick, providing hugs, sympathy and support ad infinitum.


Lian said...

Oh Lisa! Our thoughts are always with you. When you told me the other day about this horrible news, I was crying the whole night, you might think I am being silly as he is not my dog but I have to tell you, I like Chi since the day I met him eventhough it took him a while to get to know me. I hope he is not suffering and continue to enjoy his bouncy life! Lots of cuddles for the special boy xxx

Lorna said...

OMG Lisa so sorry to hear this - sending hugs to you and Chi and hope he will be ok.

Thinking of you both, Lorna xxx

Karen said...

Just lots of hugs and positive thoughts for the both of you xxxxx

Karen said...

Lisa, so sorry to hear about Chi - we're sending lots of positive thoughts to you both.

Karen and Star xxx

Hudsondoglets said...

You know we are thinking of you all at this really difficult time. These little four legged critters mean so much to us; we understand and empathise with you totally. Our positive thoughts are working overtime.

Lots of love
Nancy, Andy & our four legged family xxxxxxxx

OBay Shelties said...

I have nothing but clear conviction that Chi will be around with us for a long long time. Besides he needs to make me a gorgeous little sable girl from Hob-b; so he needs to be healthy!

Anonymous said...

Lisa & Tony

Thinking of you and Chi.
Lots of positive thoughts coming your way. Hope he is better soon.
Sara & Steve

ann said...

Sending lots of love and prayers to you , you are in our thoughts.xxxx

Anonymous said...

Ever Since I heard the News I have been thinking of You and Chi Everyday

Hope he gets Better soon !

Lots of Love, Roger