Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Superb memento!

Thanks go to Fred's Mum for patchworking my fav / special agility 'T' shirts into this superb memento of our agility in Europe. Chi obviously approves....

We will be emmigrating to Canada next year, there are Canadian agility 'T's incorporated into the pillow cover - must be a sign :)

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Burn's 'It's a Dogs Day Out'

Burns had fabulous weather for their 'Dogs Day Out' at Pembrey Park near Swansea today & many dogs and their owners had a gr8 time. There were displays from Pat Dogs, The Cheshire Dog Display Team, SARDA (South Wales - Search & Rescue) and many more. Dog owners could peruse the stalls, take part in activities like 'Have a go agility' and enter Dog Show clases - see below, and for the really fit and keen there was a Cani - X course!

Here is Chi meeting Mr Burns. I had one of Chi's favourate Burns treats in my hand - look at the attention :)

'You too can look this fluffy and cute if you eat Burns'

Chi smiling.

We had a go at the 'Dog National' Reminded me of flyball.

Me helping out on the 'Have a go agility'

The best part of the day was Mum & Billy coming 2nd in the 'Best condition for Age' Dog Show class. Billy is 13 years old & Mum's 70 next year - a proper pair of golden oldies!

Monday, 6 July 2009

Surrey DTC 05.07.09

Gratz to the dynamic duo again - 2nd prize in the 5 - 7 Agility and some nifty maneuvers in the other classes.
Here they are in full swing........

Sorry for putting you off Fred! :)

But the entourage insisted on coming to support you & Chi.

Very impressive manouvers over the 1st 5 jumps in this run. A 'professionally' executed grade 7 manouver! You'll be trying out for Olympia next then :)

UKA Finals 28th June

Chi & I came 3rd in the UKA Finals. A very pleasing result especially considering we haven't done any practice since last summer. Must confess to feeling a bit nervous but so please that we haven't lost our connection & that the run looks so smooth.

Friday, 3 July 2009

Chi & Fred do Eastbourne

Some how a start line set up just doesn't seem the same without the barking but I must say I'm most impressed with the silence Fred obtained before she releases Chi from the start line on this 1st run.

They do look quite 'the team' on this Helta Skelta course, note the tunnel maneuver & the local traffic appreciation for good handling! :)

A very well earned 4th - Gratz!!

The 2nd video is the jumping run. Hum.... not such a good start line but a gr8 standing your ground to get him over that jump Fred. Another very smooth run.

More smooth action from 'the team' in this last video check out those lovely contacts, Chi goes right to the bottom of them. Is this a new trend running start line, running contacts? ROFLOL!

Big thanks to Dickie for the camera work xxx

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fred & Chi romp home!

Last weekend I waved Chi cherio as he happily trotted off down the drive with Fred. He hopped into the car and they sped off to attend another agility show together. As you can see from the evidence (video below) they are becoming quite a team romping home with a 1st prize in this agility run.

Here is their jumping round. Note Fred is wearing the team colours of black & red (winners wear red). Top kindly provided by our food sponsor, Burns.

I shall be running Chi later in the year - we've qualified for the UKA final again this year and Chi & I will be making a special appearance at the Burns 'It's a dog's day out' in September. So I'm very gratefull that Fred is keeping him fit & keen for agility.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Ha - P 6th B'day!

Ha - P 6th b'day to The UK OBay Originals!
Lucky, Timmy, Bailey, Zen, Unique & Chi.
For those of you who may not have seen it before here is a little montage I put together to celebrate Chi's b'day last year.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fred takes the Lead

Chi & Fred's debue went exceptionally well last week. Looking like a truly professional team they stepped up to the mark and after only 1 month of intensive training came flying home with a 2nd place rosette. Most impressive start. My Mum always say's 'start as you mean to go on' Fred so I think this bodes well for the season :)

But most importantly Chi gets to do his most favorate thing & someone else is introduced to the fun of building & having a unique partnership that they can bring to the agility field. A chance to enjoy such a brilliant sport.

Here they both are in action. 1st the Helta Skelta ..........

........then the agility.

Watch this space for more fun & action from Chi & Fred