Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Home and New Pack Member

Chi has a new play mate, his name is Tigger and he is possibly one of the very few lurchers in Canada as his parentage on the adoption forms states he is Greyhound x German Sheperd. He is the biggest dog we have ever owned and has the most gentle, kind & loving approach to life. Here they both are with True on the back deck.

Chi now has his very own dog run with kennel. He loves to run barking at the elk on the property at night - needless to say they completely ignore him and carry on munching the 'lawn'. I use the term loosely as it really is just like a field out there. Roll on the summer when we've decided to have ride on lawn mover races! :)

We've decided to paint the tree in the photo above and hang stuff off it hippie stylie. We keep trawling the thrift stores for the right color paint - I'm rather hoping for a bright plumb!

We are so lucky to have found this place it is rather special and plenty of room for lots of agility equipment! Chi has 4 vizla friends across the highway who have been helping to keep him fit chasing him through the bush when we go for walks.