Monday, 28 April 2008

UKA Finals

Chi has qualified for the UKA finals in July this year - Woot!

Is there no end to this dogs tallents I ask myself.....ofcourse not he's an OBay fed on Burns! :)

Here's the video of Chi doing a cracking steeplechase run followed by his UKA finals qualifying run. Note my arm movement just before Chi goes into the 2nd tunnel & how he is powering ahead of me near the end on the 1st run - very pleaseing! :)
Please listen carfully to the music it was especially chosen (a little toungue in cheek I guess).

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Push Threws!

Inspired by Leah, Nancy, Bernadette & their respective dogs I decided to give those push threw manouvers a try, (plse note another variation on the spelling - through, thru & threw! Bet that does someone's head in! :) ). Bernadette explained the principles behind the manouvers and here's the results........

Chi certainly seems to understand the 'round' & I'm very pleased with his ability to follow my hand signals something Lesley Olden encouraged us to perfect - not sure we've perfected it but it's a very usefull ability. We just need to work on the smoothness & control and build up the distance from the jumps a little more & work it well both ways.

Can't wait to implement these on a regular basis :) watch this space.

Sunday, 20 April 2008

Training Regime

Well naturally having been picked to represent my country I need to be able to do the biz & so have embarked on a regime of fitness. :)

Monday - Maybe yoga. Absolutely no activites for Chi.

Tues - set up a course in my fellow team mates 'yard' & practice, practice practice! Jog the short walk over the road from Bernadette's, timing it each week to see if i'm improving. Took 20 mins last Tues.
It is brilliant that Bernadette & I finally get to be on the same team - although I wish it coulda been Zen coming with us as well as the evil sexy Hexie!

Wed - swimming with hubbie Tony. A good run up the field for Chi & 10 - 15 mins road walking

Thurs - Another jog that I'm timing near home currently taking 25 mins or yoga or occasionally agility training

Friday - early night to get up bright and breezie for a show more often than not. If no show then i'll treat myself to a really decent bottle of red wine occasionally.

Sat/Sun - if not at a show, pottering about at home and going for long walks. Massage for Chi. opefully more agility training over courses designed by those judging at the European Open so that we get the hang of their style and won't be suprised when we get to Germany in July.

Today we went on a lovely long walk. I planned and navigated us (Marion, Bernadette, Tim & Dennis) over fields & through bluebell woods for a good 5 1/2 miles :).

Chi's ruff is slowly growing back, his hairlessness is not so obvious right now - unlike his sister Zen who looks like a whippet!! Poor Zennie - but she was the cleanest dog on the walk today with no hair for the mud to cling to :)

I'm hopeing that using the stairs at my new job - 4 flights will also help me get fit for agility. I currently huff & pufff when i get to the top so I'm looking to run up those stairs by beginning of July arriving on the 2nd floor with out the need for oxygen!! :)

The next 12 weeks of my life will be dedicated to getting ready for our appearance at the European Open. Just like any top athletes Chi & I will be honed & ready for action. I am so very proud of our bond & ability to work so well together & of the chance to run for GB.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Gr8 News!

Chi will be part of the medium team to represent GB at the European Open to be held in Germany in July this year - WOOT!

This along with the fact that i have started a new job will be the reason for my lack of posting - i will be concentrating on getting ready for this event. Bernadette & i have already started to discuss our training regime - which includes checking her cupboards for 'naughty' foods since we must get our dogs & ourselves very fit.

Needless to say i am very proud :)