Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ripple Rock Trail

On the way home from town today we stopped off at Ripple Rock trail. Only went half way but plan to do the full hike in the summer when M&D come to visit.

True ran down all the steps on the way down and walked along side them on the way back up - funny gal! True will be 14 this year and she never ceases to amaze me with her determination and joy de vive.

About a 3rd of the way down the trail is this suspention bridge. The dogs find it a bit strange to walk on - see Chi & Tigger are both crouching a bit to ensure they keep balance.

Below is a photo of Salmon Berry flowers. Once they turn into fruit in about July time the bears will feast on them. We have alot of these on out property - our neighbours tell us there hasn't been a bear around for a few years tho, phew!

And this is the beach half way down the trail - breathtaking view!

Another bear delicacy is the stink cabbage featured below a half eaten one - maybe I shoulda taken my bear spray with me....... The bears eat this when they come out of hybernation to kick start their digestive systems. I think Shelites are too fury & besides most bears are frightened off with the barking!!! :)

Lastly a funny camo coloured slug - kewl eh! :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

DAWGS - Nanaimo

DAWG (Dog Agility Work Group) based in Nanaimo very kindly let Chi and I participate in one of their classes last week. As we were visiting my cousin this meant that I could take her along to see what agility is all about, & get her to take some photo's of us in action & the equipment that's used over here.
For our first true foray back into agility we were going to be doing Gamblers! I always use to enjoy Gamblers...............

Here's me giving a gr8 go on directional.

Clearly no David Bailey my couz! We all had a gr8 night tho :)
Thank you DAWGs.
Next week we're off to a fake/friendly trial & having some fun on Easter Friday. Will try and get better pics & some video.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Winter Wonderland

The area we now live in is subject to 'Arctic Outpours'. When this happens it's as if the North Pole has come to Sayward! A couple of weeks ago we had an Arcitc outpour and the local stream froze over - it was amazing, so much so we took some photo's.

Hopefully you can just about make out where the water is still flowing (the steely grey bit between rocks & tree) and the frozen parts either side of the water fall and the big white patch at the front of the photo.

Whilst Tony was taking the photo, Chi went running out onto the ice right infront of him and I kid you not posed for the camera - thank goodness the ice was thick enough to take his weight although I do beleive he would have instinctively known if it wasn't ok as he didn't follow our friends Vizlas onto the thin ice on their trail pond.

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

Monday, 14 February 2011

A Day at the Pool

Our friend Hektor the Vitali Vizla was 1 year old this week and to celebrate his Mum arrange for his doggie mates to go swimming at the best doggie pool on Vancouver Island (in our humble opinion anyways) designed, but no longer owned by, Hekkie's Dad!

Chi took his canoeing boyancy aid and after 3 goes shed it to go solo! Still not his most natural pastime but he had quite a good time. Our new dog Tigger took to the pool for the first time and also shed his boyancy aid after a couple of goes to swim solo, which was awesome as his back end isn't good and the swimming will so help him gain the muscle support he needs back there.......

And as for our Truly True, well she didn't swim but is just as pooped after a long day of receiving lots of love and attention from human guests in attendance.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Home Made House Sign

Today we hung our new house number sign at the end of our drive. It was carefully made from a piece of wood cut from a tree on our property. I really like the paws as it looks like our big dog Tigger has jumped up on the sign and left his mark!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Home and New Pack Member

Chi has a new play mate, his name is Tigger and he is possibly one of the very few lurchers in Canada as his parentage on the adoption forms states he is Greyhound x German Sheperd. He is the biggest dog we have ever owned and has the most gentle, kind & loving approach to life. Here they both are with True on the back deck.

Chi now has his very own dog run with kennel. He loves to run barking at the elk on the property at night - needless to say they completely ignore him and carry on munching the 'lawn'. I use the term loosely as it really is just like a field out there. Roll on the summer when we've decided to have ride on lawn mover races! :)

We've decided to paint the tree in the photo above and hang stuff off it hippie stylie. We keep trawling the thrift stores for the right color paint - I'm rather hoping for a bright plumb!

We are so lucky to have found this place it is rather special and plenty of room for lots of agility equipment! Chi has 4 vizla friends across the highway who have been helping to keep him fit chasing him through the bush when we go for walks.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ha - P B'day G'Mama True!

Here she is celebrating in style (no wonder her pups like a sup!), kayaking and supping good Canadian beer to celebrate her b'day.

True will be 13 this weekend. She is still very energetic and very special in her own 'blond' way......

True is the Grand Mommy to all UK Obay shelties. It is fitting that she is now back in Canada where she spent many summers as a young dog.