Sunday, 21 October 2007


Inspired by the OBay Shelties in Denmark (see link) tribute to all 'elephant trick' trained dogs I decided to see if Chi could remember his 'go do l'elephant'. Whilst out walking this morning (another inspiration from Chi's son Todd) we came across a wood pile and here is the result...... I kid you not i asked him to go do l'elephant and he did this straight away - brains and beauty being an OBay :)

Chi also had some fun on the fallen down trees - Grandma close your eyes! Please remember Chi is a highly trained agility dog - PLSE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!!


Karen said...

Brilliant Lisa love the expression on Chis face when he has done the log walk ha ha ha and he is a very cool elephant kx

Lian said...

Love Chi's L'Elephant. I need to make sure my boys still remember the elephant trick.

I used to train Sing to walk on a tree/log and he was brilliant but one day he was chasing a squirrel on a 45degree branch and I was nearly fainted!! I thought he will fell off and I was ready to catch him but he managed to run up and down without a problem but ever since that I never teach any of the dogs to walk on the tree trunk.

Lorna said...

Bless Mr Chi :) Cool that he loves a plastic bottle all of mine are mad about them and I joke that Foggarty would find one in the Queens back garden as he finds one everywhere we go!

Lorna x

Johanna said... got a neocounter too....!!!! I want a visitor from Columbia :o) I will swop you a visitor from Columbia for one from the Czech republic. I have a spare :o)

Hudsondoglets said...

Love the tree walking. He's such a happy dog!

Johanna said...

I love your new topthingy - can I commission you to make one for me too?????

Lian said...

Hey, like your new layout especially the new banner, Cheeky boy looks soooo handome coming out from that tunnel and the teddy bears ... you are getting very creative!! Well done girl!

Pauline said...

Good for people to know.