Monday, 1 October 2007

Kabouter Plop!

For those hardened World Champ attendees! And an explanation for the uninitiated....
This is one of the songs played every year at the Wold Chmapionships to get the crowd up and moving between runs - it works everytime with the Kabouter dance.
(Hope this doesn't put anyone off coming next year). OBay shelties may have some pics of us dancing.

Everybody, pay close attention
For this is your big chance
Listen good to what I say
For here comes the gnome-dance
Each boy now chooses [asks out] first a gnome-girl
Take her firmly by the hand and take a step forward

Come, Kwebbel!
Give me your hand please
Oh, yes, Klus!
Hey--say, I want to dance with Kwebbel
No! I was first, find another gnome-girl
But there aren't any other gnome-girls here
I'll tell you something, Lui--
You may dance with me soon
Then let's go!

Turn one time roundabout
Stomp with your feet on the ground
Sway your arms in the air
Now sit with a sigh
Now pace around like a goose
So goes the gnome-dance!

Come, Lui, you can dance with me now
Dance? I'm getting so tired of dancing
I'm not dancing any more
I'm going to bed

Yes, that all went really well
But we won't be clear for long
We'll stay and do the dance again
But two times after each other

(Repeat Refrain]
Say, Kwebbel
Don't you think that I can dance handsomely?
Yes, that's normal, eh? Yes, yes
I'm in a way the best dancer in the whole gnome-village!

You are all dancing trully beautifully
Little ploppers, take my word for it
Therefore let's do it still another time
Now three times after each other

[Repeat Refrain]
[Repeat Refrain]


Karen said...

have you ever been to one of my dinner parties lol lol lol

Johanna said...

Hey Lisa - that sounds like Karen is inviting us for dinner - when can we come :o) ???? Johanna

Karen said...

whenever you like Johanna just let me know when your over next time ! kx

Andy & Nancy said...

Sounds good, can we all come please Karen!! I think it would be MAD!