Friday, 30 July 2010

Never mind the eyes in them there hills we got cougars!!

We are so lucky to have such amazing country-side to walk the dogs. Litrally at the end of our garden we have trails that go for miles through the rain forest and over the mountains.

But there are also predetors out there.....

Yesturday our neighbour across the street had a cougar in her garden for about 1/2 hour. She came over to let us know as she knows we have 'cougar snack' sized dogs!
Needless to say we are now strictly monitoring our dogs on morning & evening constitutionals in the back yard. Tony created a fenced area which adds a little security from Billy (who is a bit deaf and might not hear approaching cougar or frantic calls to get him to come back!) wondering off & the cougar from being able to just wonder straight into the dogs area.


Tim J said...

Be a brave Pussy Cat big as it is to tackle The Noble Billy Ottoman!

Jo Chalmers said...

Blimey Lisa, now that is scary. Take care of those wonderful little doggies.

Jo & Brian