Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Agility Canadian Style

Thank you to Jo-Anne and Dave at http://www.icdogagility.com for the opportunity to have a run on some Canadian equipment

After a lovely walk to Elk falls to tire out Billy & True we set off to Black Creek the home of Incredible Canines to take part in our first Canadian agility class.

The contacts are rubberised - HURRAH!! Chi had run on these types of contact at the Sheltie show in Germany and I was a convert as soon as I saw them. The dogs gain much more grip with no sliding about. Apparently it is quite a skill to get the surface right and Dave seems to have done the perfect job as you can see from this clip Chi did a cracking dog walk.

Although we are a bit rusty - eg the left turn and right turn I was sooooo pleased that Chi had fun and no problems with the new equipment.


Macfarlane Dogs said...

So good to see you and Chi running again! :) You both look fab :) xx

Glad you sound like you are having such a great time out there!!!

Jo Chalmers said...

Really glad that you are getting the agility bug back again Lisa, and Chi has not lost any speed.

You say you are a bit rusty, but hey Lisa you don't want those Canadians to see what you can do from the outset do you, keep a little secret up your sleeve.

Jo & Brian

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

We had gr8 fun running again.
Will bear in mind wot U say Jo! :)

Lian said...

So glad to see you running Chi again, you both are a great team and having so much together x

lesley olden said...

Really good to see you and Chi working again - looking just as good as always.

Lesley x