Friday, 9 July 2010

Bear Luncheon

We drove to Vancouver early Monday to clear our container through customs. Once we had done this we decided to take the dogs for a walk up Cypress Hill, where they had some of the Olympic skiing. We stopped in a picnic area and keeping the dogs on their leads 'puttered' about so they could sniff, 'P' & streatch their legs. We then decided to proceed down the mountain and as we drove round the corner we saw a bear eating. The bear was situated right underneath where we had just been walking the dogs! Tony took this video on his camera, I love the way the bear watches the truck go by towards the end........

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Jo Chalmers said...

Wow Lisa, that was a bit of a close call, too close for comfort for me though.

Hope you are both enjoying your new life in Canada.

Take care

Jo, Brian BJ, Josh & Tom