Sunday, 30 March 2008

Training with Lesley Olden

Bernadette & I went training at Lesley Olden's the other day. We worked on the following. I'll post the course and then sequences using numbers coz everyone seems to have different names for different manouvers.

To warm up we did 9,4,5,3,6 then 9,4,5,3,9

We also did the dog walk, cloth tunnel weaves. The options are endless........

But the main event was:-1,2,3,4
1,2,round the back of 3, 4

We spent quite some time on this. Both our dogs were physically but especially mentally tired after this session and i certainly came away feeling that i'd sussed the different 'Q's' for each sequence - now just to practice, practice, practice............

Unfortunately we didn't take a video camera between us but hey! Half the fun will be sussing out how it can be done eh! :)

We have the try outs for the European Open team in 2 weeks. Needless to say we're hopeing to do well. Hopefully the loverly judge will be setting European style courses - our fav :)

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