Sunday, 9 March 2008

Puppy Sitting

OMG! It is hell on earth for a doggie enthusiast to be stuck at home while freinds & family are running at Crufts. No more breeding allowed if it's gonna clash with any major event plse Gran'ma!!

On the other hand it is something very special to be with day old pups. I've been using my nursing skills to monitor Zen & her pups today - nothing like a bit of hands on care :)

Zen wasn't very keen on my taking photo's she nudged the camera away with her nose and gave me a filthy look so i only took these then stopped.

Attentive Mum Zen with a bundle of pups under there somwhere............

The new batch of OBay's from left to right, Fat Head, Kelly Homes, Paula Radcliff & my fav at the moment Linford Christie.

Like many of their relatives including Uncle Chi & Granddaddy Monty this little OBay demonstrates the family sleeping upside down trait. You know you've got a genuine OBay if your puppy does this!!! LOL

I s'pect there's loads more news on the OBay site with regular updates. I'm off back to work tomorrow and will miss them dreadfully. Hopefully my next major input will be taking them with me to work to do some socialisation.

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