Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crufts 2008

Gran'ma had cakes made for us all to share. Johanna had Danish flag cakes & we also had ESSC Tristar cakes - they all got eaten before i could take a pic!

Chi meets Wallace outside crufts

The ESSC team set up. We looked gr8 in our specially designed T shirts, very smart. Hopefully Lian will post out team runs so check out The Knights Shelties blog. We all had a gr8 day with all dogs performing brilliantly in the conditions.

Below the highlight of our day - winning the Crufts Singles. Chi was awesome, i couldn',t have asked for more and get tear pricked eyes every time i think about it! He had the fastest itme of ALL the dogs competing over the saem course with a time of 32.6 seconds! If he continues to perform like this we will have a fantastic season so fingers crossed.

It was such a buzz winning & knowing that so many people will be sharing our success, especially my Mum & Dad, Lesley Olden who we train with, friends who were present or supporting from home and ofcourse Gran'ma who had to stay home to look after sister Zen who is about to drop puppies.


Lian said...

The run is just awesome!! I had tears in my eyes when you both went around the course knowing Chi is going to win this for sure!!

Hudsondoglets said...

Well done to the team and well done Lisa and Chi - well deserved win, you've been knocking on the door of a big result and now you got it!

We're so pleased for you.
Nancy, Andy & the Hudsondoglets xxxx

Anonymous said...

That is so cool, just watched the run again. its brill. You must be so thrilled:-)And helping Zen with her puppies too. What an exciting few days.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Wow! What a weekend for you! I am so pleased for you and Chi. You really deserve it!!! I just can't imagine how you must feel!

Dan & Mac and their Dawgs said...

Well done Lisa & Chi, That's Brilliant !! D&M xx

Nanna Holt Kjær said...

Dear Lisa,
If you haven't already, take Chi and go look in a mirror and tell yourself "We did it!" "We won!" And keep saying it until it really really registers. And then place that feeling firmly in your memory.
Treasure this! Reward yourself! Celebrate!

Best wishes,
Nanna in Denmark
P.S. Look forward to seeing your Haka dance sometime :-)

Karen said...

Special congrats to both chi and you an awesome win and a great team too stuff that dreams are made of !! love karen and the gang especially Toddster ! xxx

Dennis said...

Congratulations to Lisa & Chi on your WIN and extra special thanks for all your help the past few days; including the superb chicken roast & all the fixin's when we got back home on Sunday night...
BTW is that Chi in the photo or Wallace's navel? :-o

Anonymous said...

Well done Lisa and Chi - you had a fab crufts. What a come back from a dog that was so poorly. You worked really hard. Chi is a real inspiration and as I am about to start the theory of my diploma course, he is my inspiration to work hard to qualify.

Sara Steve and the mob especially Cabbage

Paula said...

Well done to you and the team.
Can't beleive I was at Crufts both days at the weekend and didn't see that enormous Gromit.:)