Thursday, 6 December 2007


This morning we received a phone call from Professor Dick White informing us that the cancer in Chi's neck had been fully excised with good margins. Prof White wants us to be reviewd on a monthly basis for 6 months and is confident that if there are no further cancerous growths in this time that there is unlikely to be a recurrance every again.

So excellant news and fingers crossed till July!

The nutritionalists at Burns have provided some very helpfull advising on suppliments to boost Chi's immune system & help him recover. Luckily Burn's is a holistic food anyway with lots of body boosting ingredients so we're 'quids in' there - thank you Burns :)

Massage will also play a big part in Chi's fitness regime to help re build his muscles, strength and stamina ready for his next competition.


Lian said...

Superb news!! Can't wait to see Chi running in the ring again!!

Louise and Smudge said...

Really fantastic news!! I am so pleased for Chi and you! I'm sure he will be fighting fit again in no time.

You must be so relieved......time to celebrate! :-)

Anonymous said...

When my collie Ellie had lymphomaI gave her fish oils, I think the new salmon oil is supposed to be very good. This I'm sure really helped her, and anything that can boost the immune system must be good.

Hope the little man is feeling better give him a hug

Sara & Steve and special woofs from Cabbage

Eleanor and distant O'Bay cousins, Dash and Presto said...

I am so glad Chi is on the mend!

In the US, the field of canine physical therapy/rehabilitation is a fast growing one. This is above and beyond massage, which my dogs get on a regular basis. I highly recommend physical therapy especially for dogs recovering from injury, surgery or older dogs. But any age dogs can benefit. I am just starting with two older dogs and it is intensive. The physical therapists are at many agility trials now, often acting more as the canine equivalent of athletic trainers. Great stuff!

Hudsondoglets said...

Most excellent news!

Which Way Now Tom Tom said...

So glad you've had such good news and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it continues.

Lorna said...

Fab news - so pleased for you and the lovely handsome Mr Chi - will keep everything crossed that this is the end of any health problems and you can get on with having fun with no worrying!

Lorna and Cadbury xxxx and the rest of the Dawgs and Roger!

Karen said...

This is brilliant news, give him huge hugs from me and a huge lick his son the Toddster