Wednesday, 19 December 2007


What a day, wot an atmosphere, what an acheivement!

Having gone to the practice session at Premier on Sat and not had any adverse reactions to a little bit of work i decided to take Chi to Olympia. He was on top form - the only other time i remember running that fast with him was the Championship finals at Thames back in the summer.

Here are the courses - designed by Kate Austin and gr8 to run. Hum... not so easy to see the numbers eh! Tyre tunnel, weaves, jump, snake, wall, jump, tunnel, pin wheel, right turn jump, long finish - does that help? There's a prize for anyone who can figure out the course from that description! Alternatively just click on the pic!

We gained 5th in the jumping a good start to the day :)

Jump, dog walk, tunnel, jump opposite tunnel, right cross behind, jump, A frame, sharp right, jump see saw, right tunr jump, jump, wall, weaves, jump, long, right through to finish.

Chi had the fastest time on this course unfortunately he had a pole down (jump 11) so we ended up 7th. But in the scheme of things he is a champion in my and lots of other peoples eyes so we realy don't mind :) Watch out next year!

Here's Chi doing he bestest sit for Santa in the hope of getting a Christmas goodie!
Mum & my Auntie Mary came to watch. Here we are with Chi's rosettes. Our very efficient groom for the day & fellow OBay owner, Sonia took this pic. Unfortunately i didn't get a pic of our other supporters or Sonia - there was so much going on and so much to concentrate on.
It was a fantastic day, Chi performed brilliantly taking the whole atmosphere in his stride as usual. A good sign for Crufts & next year!


Sarah and Leslie said...

Lisa, you did fantastic and it was just the best that Chi was able torun at Olympia and he obviously gave it his all! Looking at the video on Bernadette's blog gives me goosebumps, but Chi certainly put in a great run and poles will be poles! Shame we can't glue them in!!!! Thanks for organising the training at the weekend it was just the right kick up the *** i needed.

Nanna Holt Kjær (Shetla) said...

Wonderful news! And Chi looks fantastic on the video on "Grandma's" blog.

Which also helps me work out the courses :-)
Actually, I think you did a good job explaining them. And thanks for posting them.

Karen said...

he ran like the champ he is was lovely to watch, karen xx

OBay Shelties said...

We were all very bad with photos yesterday! Chi looked fantastic!

Lorna said...

Lisa so pleased you were able to go with Chi to Olympia - and what a Star he was - like Sarah the Video gave me goosebumps and actually I liked what the chap doing the commentary called Chi which was something like "Chiaca Cheeky Chi"

Fab Well Done.

Lorna, Cadders and the rest xXx

Louise said...

Well done Lisa and Chi! You must be so proud of him after everything he has been through. What a great performance. There will be no stopping him next year!!! Congratulations.

Lian said...

Chi is always so wonderful to watch. He was a superb boy, the Agility run was marvelous, with that speed, I can't believe he just had an op. Watch out Crufts!

Paula said...

Well done Lisa, what an achievement. Hope to see you soon.


Hudsondoglets said...

WOW - what a day! So glad Chi was able to participate!

Auntie Mary said...

Hi Lisa

Wonderful to see you and Chi at Olympia - both so happy and full of life. Also your video is a joy to watch. Philip and Anne saw it just before leaving and said 'That dog's really enjoying himself!' Happy new year, Lisa.