Monday, 3 December 2007

Home Sweet Home

HORRAH! Chi is home!

We collected him yesterday afternoon. He is ok, a little dazed probably from the GA and looks pittiful without his ruff - they shaved him for the USS (Ultrasound scan) & surgery.

Hopefully his special fleece jumper will arrive in the post tomorrow.

Now is the long 7 - 10 day wait for the lab results on the tissues Prof White removed. The chest x - ray, USS abdo & aspirate from the node under his jaw (which turned out to be a salivary gland, not a lymph) were all clear - HORRAH!!

Plse continue with fingers & toes crossed for good results.


Lian said...

Glad Chi is home and I am sure you are the great mum he can ever ask for. The candles will continue to light for him. Lots of cuddles xxx

Lorna said...

Great news Chi is back home with you :)

Keeping everything crossed for the test results.

Take Care, Lorna x

Louise and Smudge said...

Fantastic!!! So glad he is home with you again and that the results so far have been good news.

Poor Chi, he must be freezing without his lovely ruff!

Lets hope the next few days pass really quickly and you get some more good news soon. Keeping everything crossed for you both!! Get well soon Chi.

Hudsondoglets said...

So glad he is home safe. Am saying a daily prayer for Chi. He will look very smart in his new Equafleece. They are lovely warm cosy coats. Abbey, Poppy and Naughty Niamh have one each and can recommend them!