Sunday, 13 May 2007

Tunbridge Wells

Today Chi qualified for the medium dog Olympia semi's and gained 8 points towards the Crufts singles. I am so proud of my boy :)
It was really nice to have people come up and congratulate us on our gr8 runs today. It felt good and made all the hard work extra worth while. Thank you for your support blog fans!

P.S Plse scroll down for the newly posted Jersey Agility Festival slide show :)


Andy & Nancy said...

Well done Chi and Lisa. Fantastic reeeeesults!

Lian said...

Super well done to LIsa & Chi. I am looking forward to cheer you on at Olympia!! The photo of Chi coming out from the tunnel is superb! Very handsome!!

Karen said...

Brilliant you two are on a roll karen and Todd x