Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Home from the JAF

We arrived home at 3:26am very tired. The journey home wasn't too bad with a little swell in the water around Guernsey, enough to make the sky line completely disappear as we looked out of the back of the boat from our seats, and some people want to clutch the sink in the ladies!

What a fantastic time we had with up to 8 runs per day the massage I had on Saturday at Les Roche was extremely beneficial in easing my tightening muscles. I'm very good at warming up my dogs with the techniques taught to me by Julia from Galen Therapy (see links) but often forget to do myself!

Here is a little montage of photo's mainly taken by Tony of our trip. Although we were very successfull in the run up to the finals a slip off the dog walk cost us the large teddy prize! Boo hoo! I really wanted to put Blondies 'The Tide is High' to this montage but unfortunately cleaver old Blondie have it copyright protected. The words are brill eg 'i'm gonna be your number one' & 'i'm not the kinda girl to give up just like that' This song will defo feature on this seasons motivational CD to be played on the way to & from agility shows. There was an article in The Times last year about how top athletes use music for motivation - interesting reading.


Andy & Nancy said...

Some great or should that be Gr8 photos. Love the one of Chi on the down dogwalk with his Teddies!

OBay Shelties said...

Cute photos. Who picked the depressing music? haha

Tony is getting really good at the action shots!