Saturday, 26 May 2007

Rabbit Murder & Agility!

On our way up to Nottingham last night we stopped off at the services where True added rabbit to her murdering repertoire! I had my camera with me but have deemed the photo's too gruesome to publish (I carry it most places i go now with the intention of getting some good shots for the blog! - how sad am i). Most people who meet True see her as a very sweet natured, rag dolly kinda gal but occasionally the dark side comes out - aaaaah now we know where little Hex gets it from!!!

Aside from that gruesome piece of news Chi came 2nd in the power and speed today, a cracking run with perfect contacts, such a shame i didn't get it on film :(

Next week Supadogs. Bernadette & i are going together on Tues so fingers crossed we may be able to do some filming, seems like ages since i posted a run.

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Karen said...

brilliant run lisa I should have videod it for you ! karen and Todd x