Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Fred & Chi romp home!

Last weekend I waved Chi cherio as he happily trotted off down the drive with Fred. He hopped into the car and they sped off to attend another agility show together. As you can see from the evidence (video below) they are becoming quite a team romping home with a 1st prize in this agility run.

Here is their jumping round. Note Fred is wearing the team colours of black & red (winners wear red). Top kindly provided by our food sponsor, Burns.

I shall be running Chi later in the year - we've qualified for the UKA final again this year and Chi & I will be making a special appearance at the Burns 'It's a dog's day out' in September. So I'm very gratefull that Fred is keeping him fit & keen for agility.


Anonymous said...

They look as if they have been together for 3 years not 3 months! Well done Fred and Chi and Mentor Lisa! Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...


Dan and Mac and their Dawgs said...

Hi Lisa, Hope you are well, & hope to say hello at a show soon.

Dan & Mac and the dogs xx