Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Fred takes the Lead

Chi & Fred's debue went exceptionally well last week. Looking like a truly professional team they stepped up to the mark and after only 1 month of intensive training came flying home with a 2nd place rosette. Most impressive start. My Mum always say's 'start as you mean to go on' Fred so I think this bodes well for the season :)

But most importantly Chi gets to do his most favorate thing & someone else is introduced to the fun of building & having a unique partnership that they can bring to the agility field. A chance to enjoy such a brilliant sport.

Here they both are in action. 1st the Helta Skelta ..........

........then the agility.

Watch this space for more fun & action from Chi & Fred


Christine said...

So cool to see Chi in action again

Lian said...

Good to see Chi in action again! I have been missing seeing Chi doing agility for ages!! He is looking very good and fit!

I'm Helen said...

Hi there, good to see you at Scrambles to chat. And good to see Chi running - though I don't know why you aren't running him! Hx