Saturday, 8 September 2007

Discover Dogs

This morning in the post we received an invite from The Kennel Club to participate in the Discover Dogs at Earls Court on 10th Nov. Naturally I have accepted and am really looking forward to this invitational event. It will be good practice for Olympia & Crufts and gr8 fun to boot.

It has really felt like Chi & I have arrived on the agility scene this year with all our successes. We can only go from strength to strength. I can't wait for next season and the opportunity to put my honed handling skills into action.

We have some exciting winter events to look forward to as well. Sheltie International show in Luxembourg at the end of Oct, Olympia - obviously, and best of all World Champs. This is always an inspirational experience spurring me on to train train train to be like the best. I modeled my current handling on the people I watched at the worlds 7 years ago before I even contemplated owning a Sheltie.
The World Champs is an event that should be highly recommended for all agility enthusiasts.


OBay Shelties said...

The sheltie training day with Leslie is on sunday the 9th! So I can go to Discover Dogs and be your groom for groom practice!

Lian said...

We'll definitely be at Earls Court to cheer for you!! Well done Lisa & Chi.

Anonymous said...

Go Girl Go!


M & D