Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Up North!

This BH we all travelled up to Barnard Castle in Beryl the yellow peril in the hope of gaining our 1st Champ. cert. We put in stonking rounds in jumping & agility winning both classes but unfortunately got the big E in the final :(
This time last year I wasn't even running Chi let alone even contemplating being in a Champ final so I am very proud & pleased that he has gained a reserve ticket and been in 5 finals to date.
Watch out for us next season!

Luckily it wasn't that grim up North after all - although it was a little colder, probably been living down 'sarf' too long!

Beautifull sun set after a beautifull sunny day with lots of wind!

Our set up! Very impressive if i do say so myself :)


Lian said...

Well done Cheeky Boy!! You did really well this year and I am sure the first ticket won't be far, keep working!!

Andy & Nancy said...

Look out next year indeed. I think you and Chi will be major contenders come next year judging by this year's record!

Karen said...

very smart set up, the way Chi and you have been running lately it wont be long before that red one comes your way :0))