Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Rugby & World Try Outs

Brief summary:-
Weather not too bad (that's the English in me coming out - where would we be with out our weather to comment on eh?)
Company excellent! :)
Prizes galour! well almost, on Sat we gained 2nd in Champ agility, made it to the finals but unfortunately had 5 faults :( . Sunday qualified for Crufts Team with The ESSC (English Shetland Sheepdog Club) Tri Stars. I ran in pole position and Chi did a lovely run, perfect in every way, next up was Karen Bugler with Ace, then Amy Bennett with Taz, smoothly rounding our performance off was Bernadette & Zen. Hurrah! we were in the lead. Then it was nail biting stuff - we had 5 faults, the next team had already qualified and the last team to run had some really good members. They too had 5 faults so it was all down to timing, there was only 3 seconds in it, but we won (as I've already said :))

On to the Try outs. 1st day - series of 'technical' maneuver exercises, timed contacts and a jumping run. Today 3 runs - jumping, agility and final agility run in reverse order. Unfortunately we had faults in the first 3 runs :( then went on to win the final run of the day. It was this along with our pre qualifying points for the reserve ticket at Thames that gave us enough points to be chosen as reserve for the GB World Championship team - WOOT!

There was no videoing today - far too much concentration needed for the events. There maybe photo's and videos from both events posted here and defo on the OBay site.

Gratz to the Obay Shelties for having 5 dogs on teams at the World Champs. Just goes to show wot good stuff those Shelties are made of :). I'm sure our sponsor BURNS will be pleased as well


Lorna said...

Well Done on being picked as Reserve thats Fab :)

And for a brill weekend at Rugby for Mr Chi in the Champ Class and for Qualifying in the Crufts Team.

Thanks for your encouragement for Cadders :)

Lorna x

Lian said...

Well done!

Andy & Nancy said...

Well done Chi (and of course Lisa) sounds like you had a really good time and well done on qualifying as reserve.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on making reserve.

love M & D xx

OBay Shelties said...

Chi is defo on form lately. Damn I keep getting beat by my own dogs! hahaha

Louise said...

Congratulations Chi and Lisa!! Well done! X

Karen said...

Many congratz on making reserve and for qual. for the crufts team karen xx and the toddster :0))