Monday, 9 July 2007

Burns - The best!

Today we had comformation that Burns will sponsor Chi for a year providing us with food and treats on a monthly basis - very pleasing. From now on you will see me wearing promotional clothing. Chi's photo, taken by Tony at the Jersey agility Festival earlier this year is currently on Burn's web site under 'dog'. He will soon have his own little section under sponsorship as well. Check it out at:

I have already been feeding Chi on Burns having taken good advice from the breeder! :) and am very pleased with the results - his coat feels soft and silky, his weight is very constant and he is performing as he should be - brilliantly!

Rugby this weekend, Champ class on the Sat, Team on Sunday - we are running for the ESSC (English Shetland Sheepdog Club)and then the try outs for the GB world team Mon & Tues. With the way we are perfoming at the moment i am really looking forward to this weekend.


Lian said...

I like the handsome photo in the Burns website! My lots are on Burns and I have to agree they are very good! I think Burns should pay some "advertisement" fees to Bernadette as she is the one that recommend Burns to me!!

Karen said...

HOW Handsome is HE little biased me thinks lol lol