Monday, 18 April 2011

DAWGS - Nanaimo

DAWG (Dog Agility Work Group) based in Nanaimo very kindly let Chi and I participate in one of their classes last week. As we were visiting my cousin this meant that I could take her along to see what agility is all about, & get her to take some photo's of us in action & the equipment that's used over here.
For our first true foray back into agility we were going to be doing Gamblers! I always use to enjoy Gamblers...............

Here's me giving a gr8 go on directional.

Clearly no David Bailey my couz! We all had a gr8 night tho :)
Thank you DAWGs.
Next week we're off to a fake/friendly trial & having some fun on Easter Friday. Will try and get better pics & some video.

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