Thursday, 27 May 2010

Canada here we come!

Well it's official we are moving to Canada!

Have suddenly realized how much I have been missing agility & the partnership Chi & I have, so hopefully we can recommence this once we've settled on Vancouver Island. It will be very interesting to find out how they do things over there.

To all the people I've met during our agility career in UK - it's been fun, intense & gr8 to know you all! Will miss you all but hey, Canada here we come!! :)

Watch this space in a few months for soem Canadian updates - hopefully.


I'm Helen said...

You are already missed Lisa as one of the nicest most genuine people on the circuit. Vancouver island agility is very lucky. Stay in touch with us and enjoy your new life. love Helen, Iain and my brood but especially Henry who remembers some happy walks with Chi!xxxx

Jo Chalmers said...

Good luck on your move to Canada, keep up the good work with Chi and show em how agility is done!!

Jo, Brian, Tom, BJ & Josh

Lian said...

Good Luck on your move to Canada! We really miss you and Chi!

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Thank you for all your help with the SGRS agility training days they will not be the same without have made a lot of "golden" friends and your patience and understanding has been appreciated by us all.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

The 'Golden' day was fab! They are truly fanominal dogs & I'm very fortunate to have had the opportunity to appreciate them so much :)