Friday, 25 July 2008

EO - Germany

GO GB!! And GRATZ to:-

Bernadette & Hex 3rd Small Individual
Big dog team 3rd
Liah Gardner 2nd large Individual
Andy Sandercock 1st Medium Jumping

Gr8 achievements considering some of the circumstances - See OBay blog for a good write up of the whole event.

Yes it was fab to represent GB
Yes it was fab we had such good support from The Kennel Club, trip payed for uniforms provided
Yes our fans were the best any country could wish for
& yes people were extremely hacked off with what seemed like completely unnecessary travelling. There was unnecessary stress caused to handlers & dogs.

But on a lighter note some photos............

Chi in his crate for the journey

Tracy & Barry

Thank you Nic Josty for this photo - I love it it shows me queuing Chi for the turn and Chi taking the long jump on the turn - fab!

International team OBay - left to right, Hex, Chi & Unique from Denmark. Chi's half brother One from Denmark was also competing. Unique won the small Individual event.
They are all covered in mud coz it rained - very heavily!

I was very proud of Chi he ran extremely well and gained a 16th / 169 in the medium jumping event.

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Karen said...

so you should be proud the boy did good :0) xxxx