Sunday, 1 June 2008

O so very close!

Hinckley Champ Show - 1stly Gratz to 'sister' Hex she is now a Champ! Well done gals :) Gratz also to Roger the intrepid Dutch man & our team mate at last years International Sheltie Championship, who won into grade 7.

Chi was on top form - I had a bad attitude problem, probably brought on by having to get up at 5am, drive 130 odd miles and not win MY ticket!!!! :) It's coming our way very soon I can see it it bright neon lights - Chi, Obay Truly Focused Champion Certificate.

We continue to get as much training, massaging & focusing in as we can in preparation for the European Open. The full time job's getting in the way tho :(

P'haps when sister Zennie does her prayers she coudl ask for a lottery win for her brother


Tim 'n Marion said...

I'm sure it'll come soon, we hope so, the way that dog can move it must be on the cards.
We'll keep thinking positive thougts and wish you both luck!
Go for it Chi.

Lian said...

The Ticket will come for Chi, very soon, we know you both can do it!! Go Go Chi!! Go Go Lisa!!