Friday, 29 February 2008

Toni Dawkins Training day

Oops! Forgot the camera :(

Had a gr8 afternoon at Sue's guided by Toni Dawkins. She really made us think about how to handle courses different ways. I have also adopted a similar style to Toni for sending Chi over jumps in front of me and 'Q'ing him to turn left & right before he jumps. Don't know who originally thought of this method but i know Nancy Hudson gave me gr8 insight into it on a 1:1 training session at the end of the season.

Sorry no pics or vid. but i must say i can highly recommend Toni's training sessions, they are both positive & rewarding for dog & handler!


Lian said...

Yes, Toni is great! I always enjoyed her training and each time I picked up something to suit the dogs but still a lot of room for improvement for Saturn!! Glad you had a good day with Chi.

Karen said...

Glad you enjoyed it with Chi, lets hope Todd enjoys it as much on Sunday :0)) x