Saturday, 2 June 2007


Well what a day today has been. We gained 2 respectable 3rds (1 in Jumping & 1 in agility) and a stonking 1st in the Champ agility class - WOOT!

Thanks to Obay film crew & productions we are now able to bring you the highlights of the day with amusing commentary from Granma Obay :)

Here's Chi looking very pleased with himself especially as he is top of the PACE leader board :)

GRATZ! to sister Zen for winning the Champ ticket and securing a place at Crufts next year.

GRATZ! to half sister Hex for going Advanced now you can join in the Champ classes.


Anonymous said...

Well done you two. Hard work does pay off eventually!


M & D

Lian said...

Brilliant runs! Keep up the good work! The first ticket is not long now!