Sunday, 29 April 2007

ESSC - Sheltie Agility

One of the highlights of the year for Chi is attending the ESSC (English Shetland Sheepdog Club) agility show. Nothing but shelties - everywhere, fantastic!
Here is a little montage of our day.

Don't be miss lead by the sedate music the place was howling! We started the day by packing cucumber sandwiches & thermos of T - well it is the English Sheltie club after all, decorum est and all that! Grandma (!) & Grandpa (!) came to pic us up and we traveled in style with Auntie Pax, sister Zen and that little wicked one Hex.
Purchasing socks was no problem and fitted rather well on Chi really.......
There were lots of fellow Sheltie lovers there unfortunately some of the photo's are a little dark - sorry Lian, you had a gr8 time in the circular knockout tho didn't you? See for more of the fun Lian had today.
Chi managed to chat up some girlies, win prizes - including a bag of food and enjoy a very enjoyable day. He was so tired on the way home.
Wild horses (Olympia, Crufts or World Champ qualies) couldn't drag me away from this show it is so special.
Thanks to Becky Parks et al who organise & put it together so well.

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Lian said...

I like the montage, well done to Lisa, giving up your time to take some pictures of the show. As usual, Chi is always sharp and fast, I like to see him run, handsome and stylish!!