Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Training equipment - the early days

When Chi progressed from puppy classes on to equipment we started to train every morning before work, every evening before supper, and 3 times a day on Saurday and Sunday. We had 2 jumps, half a tunnel, a scafolding plank for a dog walk and this very sturdy A frame - which is now up for sale.
Having been sat in our garden for the last 3 years without maintenance a small section has rotted away but this could easily be replaced.

Training sessions lasted a maximum of 5 mins and involved lots of play and rewards - food or toys. Unfortunately there are no pics of Chi training as a youngster but the methods employed (The Obay Way) were described by Bernadette in the articles she wrote for the agility voice. I know that it was working hard at these basic foundations that gave us the spring board to success that we have enjoyed since starting to compete.

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