Sunday, 7 January 2007

The Gr8 Noble Billy Ottaman

Here is a photo of the no - ball! Billy who swims like an otter. He is the most senior of Chi's current pack. Billy's achievements include:-

May 2003 winning out of starters into Novice - making me a Novice handler for ever.

May 2004 Jersey mini/midi Champion

Crufts 2005 runner up in the Eukanuba mini circular knockout

Nov 2006 Gold Canine Good Citizen

I attribute much of this success to adopting 'the Obay way' of training along with my own willingness to work hard at training, exercising, massaging and loving my dogs. Billy is also very proud to have been accepted into the ranks of the Obay Shelties as an honorary sheltie - no mean feet for a mongrel I can tell you!

During his agility career Billy won the best trophy I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. He gained this for the first place that moved us up into the Novice class.

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Nancy & Andy said...

What a lovely dog. Nice to meet him!